Friday, 16 September 2016

Jac Balmer (UK) 3.0 # 17 (CoLours/FolDing/ReCycling)(Hungarian Flowers)

3.0 #17
(Hungarian Flowers)

No. 8 of an Edition of 8, handmade books constructed from recycled books and papers, 3 fold accordion format.

A pop-up book whose title “Hungarian Flowers” points the viewer to the methodology employed by Jac, that of an origami type fold book - called on his blog “a Hungarian map fold” -

This one’s a beauty, complex in its construction and I can see only practice would make perfect.

Reminder: the platform  is closing in October.  Artists who collaborate are invited to contribute to this blog.  There is a group of us who are on our 17th collaboration where we swop books.  Groups are formed in numbers of up to 10 people. 

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