Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Adding Pictures to Blog

Where the arrow is is the button to press to add images to your blog.  You cannot add images to the discussion. 


  1. Yes but this is the picture of a normal board. I don’t get this. When I want to connect to the blog, I write in my google bar and I immediately land on the last post left by someone. I can’t have any sort of access to a normal screen or board so I never have a tool bar to use !
    This is a great mystery !

  2. Martine, when I log onto this blog, I find I have to scroll down to see the previous posts. The latest post is always on top. However, whichever particular post you are at, there's a button at top right saying 'new post'. Press that and it will take you into your dashboard where you can make your new post with pics and so on. Under 'settings' you will find three areas you can customize: one is whether you want to enable drafts. Work through all three and set your preferences. I can't seem to enable drafts because I think it is because I only have my google+ id and not a blogger id. That's when I tried just now now anyway. I'll try again later and see if blogger relents :-)

  3. Martine, try putting this in your google bar
    Petru - you get a draft if you push the SAVE button rather than the PUBLISH button X

  4. Martine,
    Look at the top of the blog when it comes on. It's kind of dark and very thin. On the right is your email address, New Post, and sign out. Click on new post. That is where you will fine the normal bar/board. Hope this helps.