Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Nature, experimentation

Two samples of explorations into the theme of Nature. Eco-printing is involved. I cheated and added modge podge, a glue used for decoupage, to adhere actual leaves as I was dissatisfied with the first outcome. Text will be added.


  1. Petru - that looks/sounds amazing :-) - apologies for not seeing these posts, for some reason they end up in spam. I'm STUCK...as usual...I'm tired of all these creative blockades - worse than communist russia in the cold war!!!

  2. Thanks for clocking in. The above is very much a work in progress. I've stumbled upon another idea as I was finishing off the replacement books of Endings and Beginnings and may change track altogether! I used the left over ink to print straight from the leaves of flowers and ferns and what not and like the idea very much. All in black and white and grey and red (so far), also using frottage. Not sure which one I'll go with.