Saturday, 2 December 2017

Next edition?

I know we've only just got near the end of #19 but are we looking for ideas for #20.

I was going to propose Silver (as in anniversaries). Then I looked it up and found the 20th  was actually China.

So I've two proposals (though I'm more than happy to go with anybody else's ideas instead), 'China' or 'Silver and Gold' (it's the time of year for a bit of bling).


  1. Ideas for #20 ?
    - geometry
    - colour and gold
    - ??

  2. I like ?? :-) - as in 3.0 # 20 (??)

  3. Jac - good news - your book has finally arrived - many thanks - beautifully crafted X

  4. Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to post notes for days and it wouldn’t work like for some of you too. I managed to reset my account and it seems to work now.
    So if you have the same problem, try this
    When you click on ’publish’you will have to choose your account which appears ’disconnected’ and there it’s blocked. So click on the account then click on ’send a message’ and you will see a window that says ’enter your pass code’. And it should work. Hopefully !!

  5. Thanks Martine - I don't have a problem here but on another blog I do.

  6. Cheryl, I saw your last post on your other blog but I can’t post anything there. It seems that some of us can’t either.

    I’m ok for #20 (???). It can have so many meanings.

    I got kathleen’s beautiful flag book so now my collection is complete. Thanks everybody for that great collab once again.

  7. Yay it worked!!!
    Ok I now have everyone’s books for collaboration 19 and looking forward to number 20!

  8. Glad we're back on-line :-)! I'll make a new blog X

  9. Message from kathleen who can’t get through :
    She sent all the books on Dec 4th. Got all the books except Cheryl’s and Svenja’s.

  10. Hi Kathleen,
    Your book arrived safely today. Beautiful. Thanks

  11. Has Kathleen got my book yet do you know?