Sunday, 20 May 2018

Finally finished

I've actually managed to finish this one for the due date - I think it may be a first for me.
I got carried away and made a few extra.


  1. They look beautiful, Jac ! What a nice cover !I haven’t started mine yet. I’ve been travelling recently and away a lot from the studio so... I better move !

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    I got your book today. Very nicely made as usual. Thanks a lot.
    I feel very guilty because mine are not done yet...but will be done as always !
    Hello everybody else! Where are you ?? Except for Jac, there’s no news from anybody. Maybe a problem for posting on this blog ??

  3. hi Jac...your book just arrived, impressive...opens to a nice surprise. the shape and colour highlight each other, beautifully made.
    Many thanks Jac!

  4. Martine...hi, my book too is on the finishing line. so...two feeling guilty :-)
    regarding messages, I don't get any notification of messages from this blog in my gmail, so I have to come directly here to keep up. I have no idea why. anyways Jac's is the only book I received so far.

    1. Hi Jac, I received your book yesterday. Great structure and lovely surprise ! Thanks a lot.

      Hi Patrizia,nice to hear from you !

  5. hi Stephanie, I received your beautiful book, I like very much the conceptuality of it. many thanks!